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Founded in 1985 by brothers, Dan and Mark Allen, APR Allen Plastic Repair has since become an industry expert in returnable container solutions.


APR Allen Plastic Repair was begun with a clear commitment to consistently go beyond our customers’ expectations in quality, design, service and delivery.  APR is dedicated to providing time- and cost-effective products and services, to dealing honestly and straightforwardly with everyone we come in contact with, and to building for the future to help guarantee your success and ours.


Our Philosophy includes a firm commitment to:

  • Consistently providing more than our customers expect in the design and quality of our products, and in the level of service to our customers, before, during and after the sale.

  • Sponsoring continuing education for all associates in applicable fields, to build our knowledge base, further our collective goals, increase and improve our capabilities, have a positive impact on our community, better serve our customers, and enrich the lives our associates.

  • Providing the leadership and foundation on which, as a team, we can build a business to be proud of, in the products and service we offer, and in the knowledge that it was done with integrity.

  • Encouraging a work environment that encourages self-motivation, individual contribution, innovation, sacrifice, reward, and teamwork in all aspects of our shared endeavor, to further the growth, improvement, and prosperity of our associates and customers.

  • Keeping a pleasant, efficient, clean, and safe work environment in which all associates can learn and grow to realize their potential.

  • Ensuring meaningful and secure employment and career opportunities, based on both individual performance and teamwork.


To learn more about APR Allen Plastic Repair, or to speak with an account representative, please contact us.


From left to right: Jamie Henderson (Shipping), Mac McLemore (Sales Manager), Ken Smith (Driver),

Brian Steup (General Manager), Jenna Deweese (Customer Service), Sebastian Reid (Sales)

Meet the Team
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