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APR has over 3 decades of experience in the bulk container repair and modification business and has pioneers many of the best techniques used in the industry today. Whether it's repair work, recycling, maintenance or customization, APR has a solution that will work for you!

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APR specializes in the repair of plastic totes, bins, boxes and pallets, greatly extending the life of your container investment.

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APR offers a modification program, giving you full customization of your containers or pallets to best suit your needs.

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APR provides full-service plastic recycling and will pay you to recycle your plastic scrap. Together we can create a greener planet.

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Keep your extra returnable containers and pallets safe from the elements and free from debris when APR maintains your fleet.

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For short-term storage container needs, APR offers a month-to-month leasing program that's a great cost-saving option.

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Trust APR Allen Plastics Repair with all your returnable container repair needs.


APR has decades of experience repairing all major brands and styles of plastic collapsible containers. We stand behind our repairs with a 3-year workmanship warranty, so you can be confident that every container we repair for you will be safe, functional and ready to use. We have several standard plastic bulk container repair programs to fit every budget and also work with our clients to develop repair programs to fit their specific needs. Depending on your requirements and the plastic bulk bin repair program you choose, we will use a combination of parts from our stock, plastic welding and other innovative techniques developed by our team over the past 35 years to return as many safe and functional containers as possible.


We offer a bulk container trade-in option, where you can trade your old broken containers in for high quality used or refurbished containers from our stock.

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APR sets the standard for plastic custom containers and pallets.


APR can modify standard size containers or pallets to make them fit your parts. We customize collapsible containers, hand held totes, and plastic pallets.


Often companies settle for a standard size container or pallet that isn't quite what they are looking for. APR will work with you to design a plastic custom container or pallet to fit your unique needs. Using our state of the art welding techniques we will create a container that fits your parts perfectly. We can change the length, height or width to fit your needs.


Modifications Available

  • Length changes

  • Width changes

  • Height changes

  • Metal reinforcement

  • Cut-outs

  • Custom HDPE dunnage

  • Removable panels

  • And more...

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Maximize the value of your scrap plastic by selling it to APR, a full service plastic container recycling company committed to offering fair prices, accurate weights and prompt payments.


APR recycles plastic bulk containers, plastic pallets, dunnage trays and plastic totes. We pay more than scrap value for select containers. We are dedicated to modeling and facilitating a sustainable mentality; we understand the increasing importance of keeping recyclable material out of landfills. We currently recycle over 98% of what comes through our facility and continually working towards achieving 100%. By recycling your obsolete or non-repairable plastic containers, you are reducing waste and increasing profitability.


Accepted Types of Material
  • HDPE      • HMW
  • PP           • #7 plastic pallets

Selling Us Your Scrap is Easy
1. Send APR photos, quantity & location of material
2. We will make you an offer to buy your scrap
3. APR will schedule to haul your scrap away

APR Trade-Up
Bring us your old broken containers, and we will
replace them with quality containers from our stock.


By recycling your obsolete or non-repairable plastic containers, we can work together to create a greener

earth – plus you get paid for doing your part in saving the environment!

APR Now Offers Grinding Services!

APR can turn your unusable plastic into regrind, significantly increasing the scrap value.



Keep your fleet of containers safe and protected from the elements when not in use.


APR offers a container maintenance program which provides customers with a low-cost option for keeping returnable containers and pallets clean and in good working order when you need them. If you don't have the room to store your extra containers, let APR do it for you. We have an 82,000 square feet facility with plenty of room to properly manage your entire fleet. If you need containers shipped off to your suppliers, APR can store them safely onsite and quickly ship out whenever you need.


Types of Maintenance
  • Cleaning/removing debris
  • Power washing

  • Storage & Distribution

  • Repairing

  • Relabeling

Talk to a Solution Specialist

We will be happy to discuss a customized program

with you that fits your organization's unique needs.




To better serve our customers, APR is now offering bulk container rentals.



APR maintains a fleet of standard size collapsible bulk boxes in stock, ready for quick shipment. Additional sizes may be available upon request. The APR container rental program offers a low investment solution for companies looking for short-term container needs such as bank builds, short term production runs, temporary storage needs, etc.


APR's container rental program offers a great cost savings AND can be written off as a tax expense.


Low Cost
APR rental containers can offer significant savings

over purchasing new containers. Pricing is very

reasonable with discounts available for high quantities.

Don’t pay for days you don’t need!
After the first month, APR only charges on a per box/

per day basis.

APR will be happy to customize a rental program to work

for your unique needs and situation.

Quality Guaranteed
APR containers for rent have all been through rigorous

quality checks and testing to ensure the refurbished

rental containers will safely serve your company for as

long as you need them.


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